Instant Coffee/Tea is instant coffee and tea line with convenient use



Modern medicine has confirmed that ginger can be used as medicine, which has been widely used throughout history in Asia. Ginger can be used as a painkiller, anti-inflammatory or anti-oxidant. It is also known to treat the flu, reduce fatigue and stimulate appetite. Some studies have also shown that ginger powder has a significant effect in reducing the symptoms of motion sickness, headache, and dizziness, nausea. It is also very suitable for use before and during a long journey.

Because of this, we launched the Instant Ginger Tea product line. Using modern technology, we have combined a variety of old ginger with natural flavors to create a healthy instant beverage.

Ingredient: Ginger, Dextrose sugar.

Net weight: 20 sachet x 8gr.

Determination of insoluble ash in HCL: < 0.1%.

Not use food preservatives.

Export quality.

Price: 2.2 USD (included VAT).