Premium is high-class coffee line mixed with special aroma



Natural aroma of coffee is unique, even it captivate lover of coffee because its exciting. Moka coffee was appreciated the typical coffee aroma what mentioned more in coffee origin stories at East Africa region.

Hence, Moka coffee with good coffee beans which was cultivated and harvested appropriately, through clean proccessing, dark roasting and added Moka coffee flavored to brought a sprightliness, creation and enjoyable drink.

Origin: Da Lat, Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam.

Ingredient: Arabica, Robusta, High-class aroma.

Weight: 250gr.

Roast: Dark Brown.

Type: Beans or Ground (according to request).

Grind: Medium or Fine (according to request).

Best with brewing: Vietnam filter, French Press, Pour-Over, Espresso machine, Moka, Syphon, AeroPress, Cold Brew.

Export quality.

Price: 2.7 USD (included VAT).