Premium is high-class coffee line mixed with special aroma



In South Vietnam, particularly in Saigon, you will notice that there is a natural hidden love for coffee when you observe the way that people enjoy it. It is a unique culture that is part of the lovely culinary art of this country.

Morning in Saigon is often started with a good cup of coffee. Saigonese can drink coffee any time, any place. People from all different ages, classes see coffee as a common beverage. In Saigon, you will easily hear oft-quoted line of many people: “Go coffee”.

People in Saigon start the work day with a good cup of coffee to boost their energy. Hence, Saigon Espresso coffee line was born. It is a blend of many types of good quality coffee beans which was cultivated and harvested appropriately, through clean proccessing, medium roasting, Saigon Espresso can be enjoyed with sugar, milk and/or ice depending on your preference. Saigon Espresso is gentle, intimate and generous like the past and present people of Saigon.

Origin: Da Lat, Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam.

Ingredient: Arabica, Robusta.

Weight: 250gr.

Roast: Medium Brown.

Type: Beans or Ground (according to request).

Grind: Medium or Fine (according to request).

Best with brewing: Vietnam filter, French Press, Pour-Over, Espresso machine, Moka, Syphon, AeroPress, Cold Brew.

Export quality.

Price: 3.9 USD (included VAT).